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Grad Caps for My Lil’ Bro! June 19, 2009

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I made these last month for my little brothers high school graduation (I guess he really isn’t “little” anymore!).
I got the idea from Bakerella– she always comes up with the cutest and most clever sweet creations!

I took a ride over to our local cake supply store (for those who are local try out D&G Creations off Colonial near the Fashion Square Mall- AMAZING stuff!).  I bought a few molds, some melting chocolate and a bunch of candy then headed home to work on my project.

I created these over 2 days and took my time assembling them to make sure they looked as cute as possible.  I used blue & red since my brothers school colors are red, white, and blue.
I filled the chocolate caps with oreo cake balls to hold the stick in place- then topped it with some Pull ‘N Peel twizzlers and a red M&M.

What do you think?!

Here’s the Finished “Bouquet”:

And a look from up top:


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