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Hola! June 19, 2009

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Hi Everyone!
Welcome to my new blog!! I’m a beginner in the kitchen but my love of baking and cooking keeps me actively searching for new ideas and trying new things. I’ll try to post my latest creations and even my kitchen FAILS on a weekly basis- so keep checking back for updates!

Bon Appetit!

Love, V!

Me @ My Birthday Dinner 09

Me @ My Birthday Dinner '09


3 Responses to “Hola!”

  1. Nice cupcakes.

    Keep Gian in good shape!


  2. erinjoyrn Says:

    Thanks for posting your link on Facebook!!! I’m always looking at the creations you post and am SO jealous!!

  3. Jealous Says:

    Wow you are awesome, your husband is a lucky man

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