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Burger Cuppys! July 7, 2009

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I really need to get better at updating this blog- I made these cupcakes for Fathers Day and brought them in for my co-workers (since I work with men mainly).

Everyone who saw these fell in love with them and I got so many compliments.
I’m going to be honest and tell you that I used cake mix from a box, and brownie mix from a box- but in my defense I was in a hurry! 🙂

So here they are- my little burger cuppys!


I got this idea from Bakerella (once again!!! She’s fabulous!)-

For the “burger buns”:
1 box of White cake mix, bake as per instructions on box.

I made sure not to fill the cupcake liners too high, I probably just went over the 1/2 way mark.

For the “patties”:
2 boxes of Brownie mix.  I forgot which brand I used but it was delicious!  Bake as per instructions on box.

For the “condiments”:
3 seperate bowls of vanilla frosting, each bowl tinted a different flavor.
Red: Ketchup
Yellow: Mustard
Green: Lettuce

After you’ve mixed in the different colors- put each color into its own ziplock bag.

To Assemble:

I cut each COOLED cupcake in half, then using a round cookie cutter cut out 24 circles of brownies.
I added the brownie pattie to the bottom half of the burger.
Next: snip a small opening in ONE corner of each ziplock bag.  Snip a larger opening for the green frosting.

Swirl on the red, yellow, and green frostings to resemble the condiments and lettuce.

Top with the other half of the cupcake.
With your finger, gently wet the top of the cupcake and drop sesame seeds on top.


Cupcake Burgers!


2 Responses to “Burger Cuppys!”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Sooo cute! I always use cake and brownie mix from a box. I thought that was the normal thing to do. Lol

  2. Kayla Says:

    Im trying these cupcakes for Joses grandmothers birthday tomorrow 🙂 Lets see how they come out lol. Wish me luck 🙂

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