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Laughing Cows?? July 8, 2009

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Before tonight I had NEVER tried laughing cow cheese, but I had read wonderful things about it on the WC board.
After searching through various recipes I found this one from The Rookie Chef. The recipe called for both laughing cow cheese & pesto- sounded amazing and I knew I had to try it!

Hubs and I had his family over for dinner and I decided this would be the perfect dish to serve them.
I did make a few changes to Molly Jean’s recipe- but I did stick with it pretty closely.


Below is Molly Jean’s recipe, my changes are in red.


  • 2 chicken breasts  I used 8
  • Breadcrumbs
  • 2 wedges Laughing Cow cheese (I used the Herb & Garlic kind, yummy!!)) 1 per each breast, I used 8.
  • 2 scoops of pesto 1 scoop per breast, I used 8.
  • A little olive oil
  • I seasoned the chicken with Adobo & Italian Seasoning


  • Wash and dry thawed chicken
  • Spread 1 wedge of Laughing Cow cheese on each chicken breast
  • Now spread 1 scoop (however much you like) of pesto onto each chicken breast
  • Roll up the chicken breast (it should be rolled similar to THIS)
  • Secure with a toothpick so that it doesn’t unroll
  • Drizzle a little olive oil on the chicken and rub to completely cover
  • Place breadcrumbs in a bowl. Roll your chicken around in the breadcrumbs so that the chicken is completely covered
  • Place rolled chicken breasts in a lightly greased baking pan and bake at 425 degrees for about 20 minutes

Next time I make this I think I’ll add more than just 1 wedge per chicken breasts, but thats only because Hubs and I like things uber cheesy 🙂  But overall this chicken was very very yummy and his family commented on how good it tasted.

I served it up with some fettucini alfredo, garlic bread, and a side salad.

Oh- and a big THANK you to the Hubs, who went grocery shopping on his own and brought me back all the right things.  Thank you hunnie!!! Great job!! 🙂


3 Responses to “Laughing Cows??”

  1. Molly Jean Says:

    I’m so glad you liked it! I love your “ha ha ha” addition to the photo… that’s ADORABLE!

  2. Judy Says:

    I love your use of cheese! Remember, its important to get three servings of dairy a day 🙂

    Good job girl!!!

  3. Rebecca Says:

    Tried the chicken recipe for myself and it was DELI-CIO-SO!! Good find/modification and it really is quick/easy. I liked it so much that i ate all that i made the first time and had to make it a second time for hubby’s leftovers! LOL

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