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My First Fondant Cake!!! July 21, 2009

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Yesterday I took you on a journey- first stop: making fondant, second stop: baking up the delicious Dulce de Leche cake.
Now we’ve reached the last leg of this fondant-baking-decorating journey.


Sunday afternoon I spent nearly 4 hours baking and decorating… I was really motivated to try and make a cute cake using the fondant I had made the day before.

Step 1: Get your apron on, it’s time for the baking to begin!!!


Isn’t it cute?! I bought this off

Once the cakes were baked and out of the oven cooling, I started to work with my fondant once again.  Remember- I made the fondant the day before.  It’s recommended that you let the fondant sit overnight before using it.
I started by covering my work station with corn starch and kneading in some more Crisco to the fondant (it seems a little dry)…  After kneading it for a few minutes I got it to the perfect consistency.  I shaped the fondant into a small flat circle and started to roll it out using my rolling pin.


After rolling the fondant out to the right size/shape… I rolled it up on my rolling pin and put it over the cake.
Then using my fondant smoother I smoothed down the top and worked my way down, making sure the fondant stuck to the cake and that there were no visible air bubbles.

Once the fondant looked like it was on right, I used a sharp knife to cut off the excess fondant.  I quickly double wrapped it in saran wrap.  If the fondant is stored right you can use it again and it lasts quite some time.


Then it was time to decorate the cake.

First I rolled out my blue fondant and using my Wilton Ribbon Cutter tool, I cut a wavy ribbon to put along the bottom of the cake.  Dabbing my finger in water and moistening the back of the fondant I was able to “glue” the fondant ribbon to the cake.

After I had the ribbon on I went back to the blue fondant and started to cut out various circles using my Wilton Fondant Cutters (circle shape pack).  Once I had enough blue circles, I balled up my fondant and wrapped it up.

Time to bring out the purple!
Again, I rolled out the fondant and cut out various circles in different sizes.  I let the circles sit for a bit so they’d get hard and be easier to work with.  (Be sure to put away your extra fondant so it doesn’t dry out!!!)

After waiting for the circles to get a bit harder I brought them over to the cake.  Using water as my glue, I dabbed a little water on the back of each circle and laid them on the cake.  Be sure you know where you want to lay the decorations before you plop them on your cake.  If the back is too wet and you drop the decoration on the wrong spot the color may spread onto your white fondant base.  BAD!!!  So be sure to not wet your decorations too much and to be sure where you want to place the decorations first.

After I had laid enough circles on my cake I let it sit out so the decorations would harden onto the cake.  I have to say, for it being my first time ever dealing with fondant it looks pretty good!


While working with fondant in general is easy- it is time consuming.  Between making my own fondant and rolling out each batch, it took a toll on my upper arms.  Be sure you aren’t in a rush when working with fondant!


So- what do you think?!?!

I’m excited and I can’t wait to work with fondant again.  I’ve already got some ideas in mind. 🙂

P.S.: Here’s a pic of the mess I made 🙂 I thank God for such a wonderful hubbie who helped clean it up.  He said: “If the cake would have tasted bad I wouldn’t be helping you clean up this mess!” hahaha!!!!



2 Responses to “My First Fondant Cake!!!”

  1. keilah De la Mota Says:

    Hey girl estas pasaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…cant believe ur doing all of this…it is beautiful…for real….enjoy the cake w the family

    Familia De la Mota

  2. Jenn Says:

    Beautiful job!! I love the retro design with the circles on the cake! And your apron is super cute!

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