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First Wilton Cake! August 11, 2009

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I’ve been wanting to take the Wilton Cake Decorating courses FOREVER now and had never gotten around to it.  Finally last month I decided I was going to sign up even if it meant going alone.  My classes began last Tuesday but this week was the first time we actually got to decorate.

We had to make the “assigned” designed on our own cake (any flavor any filling we wanted).  We had to cover it in blue Wilton buttercream (aka lard & sugar! lol) and in class we made our rainbow design.


Please ignore the horrible frosting & the 2nd grader hand writing- it’s my first real time decorating ok!? 🙂

The cake I originally made was an Puerto Rican Amaretto Cake, but sadly it didn’t work out.  I had to use a deeper pan than I’m used to and the center of the cake didn’t bake right.  I did bake a small portion into some cupcake cups so I can tell you it tasted amazing, but sadly the large cake just didn’t work. 😦

It was super late Monday night and I since my class was on Tuesday I had to bake something QUICK! I dug into the pantry and grabbed a Yellow Cake box mix, mixed it in with Amaretto and vanilla flavors, then filled it with bananas, blueberries, and amaretto cream cheese frosting.  YUM! 🙂  Overall it was quick and easy- just what I needed at 11pm Monday night! haha.

Overall the class was a lot of fun.  They cram so much into the 2 hour class so we were constantly busy but I really learned a lot and can’t wait to use these techniques again.

If you’re thinking of taking these classes- GO FOR IT! SIGN UP! 🙂  Next week we’ve been assigned to make a flower cake- I can’t wait!!!


3 Responses to “First Wilton Cake!”

  1. calmbyday Says:

    I think you did great! I have a co-worker that has taken 3 of the courses and I swear you wil be doing beautiful wedding roses and baskets in no time! keep up the practice and remember to freeze your cake first before class!

  2. cookbookapprentice Says:

    Congrats! I took Course 1 in July and am taking Course 2 now. It’s so much fun! Your cake is great!

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