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House Party: French Cocktail Party June 15, 2011

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Hi There!
I know, I know- it’s been QUITE a while since I’ve updated my blog but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share with you the details of my first ever House Party!
For those of you who haven’t heard of House Party before, I urge you to check out their website and sign up.
So what is House Party you ask?

“House Party ( is a company that throws thousands of parties across the country on the same day, all hosted by people like you and in the comfort of your own home. Each event is sponsored by a leading brand, hosts get their own party website and a FREE party pack chock full of goodies to share with friends”
(Exerpt from

I was selected to house the French Cocktail Party.  Thanks to the coupons provided in my party pack I bought a few bottles of B&G wine.  Unfortunately, the requested Pinor Noir was not available in my area so instead I purchased a bottle of Merlot and the Vouvray.  While both wines were very tasty, the Vouvray was definitely the winner that night.  My guests absolutely loved this wine and I have to say it’s now become my white wine of choice!

B&G Vouvray & Merlot

House Party also provided me with some great Ile De France cheese coupons.  I was able to indulge a few varieties and they were all delicious!  I bought a wheel of Brie which I covered in Phyllo Dough and baked with an apple compote.  It was definitely a hit!  The apple and the Brie mixed so well together and made for a great cracker topper.

House Party also sent me a great cheese board which I used to display the Ile De France goat cheese and a container of spreadable Brie.  All the cheeses were delicious.  I had a hard time staying away from them!
I wanted to give my guests the best French Cocktail Party experience so I decided to cook up a few French-inspired dishes.  I baked a Quiche with ham, cheese, and mushrooms which was delicious!  I also made Mushroom Crostini and Salmon Mousse on crackers.

The SpreadCheese, Crackers and Brie en CrouteSalmon MousseCheese & Crackers

Cheese, Crackers and Brie en CrouteSalmon MousseCheese & CrackersSalmon Mousse


Salmon Mousse


Cheese & Crackers


For dessert I made yummy Chocolate Mousse in Phyllo Cups (thanks for the inspiration Katie!)

Merlot & Chocolate Mousse Cups

Overall I had a great time hosting my first House Party.  I received good feed back from my guests as well.
I definitely enjoyed the wines and cheeses and will be buying more Ile De France and B&G products in the future. 
 Thank you House Party!